EZ-Fill Rx: An Automatic Refill Medication Management Program

- Simplify And Improve Your Medication Management/Adherence -

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Have All Your Medications Filled On The Same Day Each Month!            

>>> We Offer Free Delivery/Shipping

Do you find it difficult or frustrating trying to manage your medicine from week to week and month to month? Would eliminating the inconvenience of staggered prescription refill dates make things easier for you and your family? Porter’s Pharmacy will work with you and your prescriber to coordinate all of your maintenance medications to be filled on the same day of each month. This can be done with either pill bottles or medication packs. If you prefer the medication packs, our pharmacists can organize all of your medications in 30 day packaging so you can take the correct medicine at the right time each day. Once you are participating in the program, our staff will always contact you prior to sending out the next month's medications to check to see if you wanted us to adjust anything for you or if there is anything you wanted us to be aware of. Working together with you and your prescriber, we can eliminate multiple weekly/monthly trips to the pharmacy for you to pick up your medication due to all the staggered prescription refill dates. If you prefer not to come to the pharmacy to pick up your medicine, it can be delivered/shipped to your home for free. The goal of our program is to help you more easily take your medications when and how they are supposed to be taken.

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Positive Benefits of The EZ-Fill Program Are:

  • Unit dose packaging is available to organize all of your medications according to morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime dosing times. This makes it EZ for you to take them when they are supposed to be taken.
  • The convenience of this program is also available to those who still want pill bottles but like the convenience of getting all medications on the same day each month to eliminate the constant managing of staggered refill dates.
  • Free home delivery or shipping can be provided. If you prefer to pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy, just let us know.
  • All of your medications are filled at our pharmacy and clinically reviewed for accuracy by our pharmacists.
  • The pharmacist will review your medication profile to make sure there are no drug interactions or duplications.
  • We work with you and your prescriber to make sure all of your medication refills are automatic and do not require any effort to resolve on your part.
  • Our staff will know days in advance what medications you will need. This will eliminate partially filled medication, multiple trips to the pharmacy, and arrangements to get medications to you that may be owed to you.
  • We will make sure your medication gets to you on time each month to avoid any period that you would run out of medicine.
  • If a medication is not covered by your insurance plan and they deny a prior authorization, we will work with your prescriber to find a comparable medication suitable for your medical condition that would be covered.

> Medication Packs are available free of charge to patients taking five or more medications per month. You would still remain responsible for your usual prescription co-pays.

> *Any patient taking less than five prescription medications per month may still enroll in the program, but medications will be placed in traditional pill bottles.

*If a patient is taking less than five prescriptions per month and wants their medication in Medication Packs, a small monthly fee may be applied.

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